The Texas Red Tape Challenge and the Texas Higher Ed Open Government Challenge are closed. Thank you for your interest and participation in this special project.

Welcome to the House Government Efficiency and Reform Committee's Texas Red Tape Challenge and the Texas Higher Ed Open Government Challenge! Everyone is welcome to provide their ideas and recommendations on how to make Texas laws and regulations less burdensome. This Challenge also asks how state government can be changed for the better. Your thoughtful participation can help us cut the red tape in Texas!

The Texas Red Tape Challenge allows you to share your ideas, discuss others' ideas, and vote the best ones to the top. The site has also been designed to allow and encourage discussion between all participants. Workable ideas that gain consensus will be considered by the Committee for inclusion in its formal report to the 83rd Legislature which begins in January 2013.

This project will focus on four specific subjects: occupational licensing, state agency rulemaking, public school mandates, and manufacturing in Texas. Specific focus areas for each of these subjects, listed as policy slates, will be introduced on a rolling basis as the project continues. Check the project updates page for news and updates.

How it Works

You must register on the Texas Red Tape Challenge site to provide ideas, comments, or votes. The registration link is available in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Read the policy focus area descriptions and associated statutes. These are available in the "Policy Focus Areas" menu on the left.

Contribute your own idea by clicking on the "Submit New Idea" button.

View and Comment on Other Participants' Ideas.You may view ideas below, or click on a specific focus area on the left-hand side of this screen to see the others' comments and ideas.

Review the frequently asked questions page and Terms and Conditions of Use for details on how the Challenge works.

Spread the Word! E-mail a link to the Red Tape Challenge to your network, and invite them to get involved.