Shampoo Licenses

TDLR recommends abolishing shampoo licenses

During the recent Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) strategic planning process, we received feedback from the public and the cosmetology industry about eliminating the shampoo apprentice permit required under Sec. 1602.267 of the Cosmetology Law and Sec. 1601.261 of the Barbering Law, and the shampoo certificate as defined in Sec. 83.20(e) of the Cosmetology Administrative Rules and Sec. 82.20(j) of the Barbering Administrative Rules. One of our ‚ÄúStreamlining Regulations Initiatives‚ÄĚ is to consider eliminating the barber and cosmetology shampoo permits and certificates, as identified on page 41 of the TDLR Strategic Plan for 2013-2017, which can be viewed at


We stand ready to discuss how we can further develop these ideas, and we welcome any suggestions from all interested parties.



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