Continuation of Regulation

Regulation should be continued , in general, as presently in force. It may not be perfect but it beats the next best alternate.


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    Certification by geo-professional organizations such as AIPG & AAPG is worthwhile, adding to one's credentialing. However, as I & fellow PGs learned during the protracted campaign to establish TBPG, it does not carry the legal recognition, and enforceability, that is inherent in state-granted licensure. Private certification provides no enforceable protection against incompetent practice. I am NOT a big fan of excessive nor over-reaching government, but recognize that there is justification for some regulation of professional practices that, if improperly conducted, might/can adversely impact the public & the environment.

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    One of the reasons why I joined the AIPG many years ago was because I had a number of PEs ask me why I wasn't a Professional Geologyist. I got tired of having to explain to them that Texas didn't have a PG program. Those questions stopped after I put three initials after my name, CPG, even though they held on weight in Texas. The PG holds weight and means much more than simple certification.

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    How does this regulation serve the public?: This is the best way to ensure the public is protected from those individuals who are not qualified to perform the work. That is why numerous states and provinces across North America license Professional Geologists and Geoscientists. The individuals are held accountable for their work and are subject to disciplinary action should misconduct occur. This is no different than a PE.